The eDNA Society International Meeting 2023

Instructions for Presentations


Abstract submission deadline for oral/poster presentations : March 17th 2023 (JST)

Instructions for oral presenters

General sessions

If you wish to give an oral presentation, please register for the Meeting as a Presenter. After the completion of registration, proceed to Abstract Submission and select Oral session. Registered presentations will be grouped into sessions with similar/related topics. The committee will do the arrangements. Detailed instructions for oral presentations will be available in February.

Proposed sessions

We welcome you to propose an organized oral session. Within the capacity of the venue, we accept proposals for up to 2 or 3 sessions. If you are interested in this opportunity, send a proposal, including a session title, objectives and the number of speakers, to the following email address as soon as possible. 90 minutes are allocated for each proposed session and thus maximum five speakers are acceptable per session.

Please submit your proposals for the proposed session to:
Dr. Ryohei Nakao (ednaworkshop2023*
Please change the "*" to the "@" mark.

Instructions for poster presenters

  • Poster presentation (maximum 100 titles) will be held at the main meeting room on May 18 and 19, 2023.
  • The session consists of about 2-hours core-time for 50 titles per day (tentative).
  • All posters are subjected to poster presentation awards.
  • Notice that the session will be face-to-face, but not online. However, the online poster system is set to encourage further discussion. The detail will be announced soon.
  • For junior high school and high school students who wish poster presentation, directly contact the eDNA society office (

Poster session

  • Date and Time: Afternoon, May 18 and 19, 2023
  • Poster size: A0 (no more than 900 mm width×2100 mm height)
  • The poster can be put on the board for 2 days.
  • You will be assigned to the session (core-time) on either May 18 or 19. The session will be about 2 hours (tentative).
  • Your poster number and core-time will be announced later.

Online poster system

  • A one-page poster should be uploaded.
    The same poster as the one for the face-to-face poster session is recommended.
    File size: no more than 500 KB
    Format: PDF only
  • Option: a single movie file can be additionally uploaded as supplemental information.
    File size: no more than 500 MB
    Format: MP4 only
  • Online poster system
    After the poster site opens, you can start your file upload, reviewing other posters and discussion.
    You can keep reviewing and discussing until the site closes.
    Poster system open/close schedule will be announced later.

Instructions for all presenters

We invite all presenters to upload a Graphic Abstract to this meeting. Any presentation type can optionally employ the Graphical Abstract (i.e., Oral and Poster). In the abstract viewing system that will be provided at the virtual meeting site, it will appear as a thumbnail of the presentation (see, View Image 1 & 2 below). Kindly get ready as follows:

View Image
Click image to open PDF
  • Size: 1,200 x 1,200 px
  • Language: English
  • Recommended font: Helvetica or Arial
  • Upload format: JPEG
  • File size: 1 MB or less

Refrain from providing the presenter's name and the presentation title in the Graphical Abstract as they will be assigned automatically by the system.

【The eDNA Society Office】
c/o Ryukoku University

1-5 Yokotani, Seta Oe-cho, Otsu, Shiga 520-2194